We stock a wide range of different products to be able to fulfil our customers’ needs in the fastest and most accurate way as possible. All goods are fresh and 100% genuine. Besides the products we stock we have the possibility to source and supply almost any brand through our worldwide network of traders and distributors. We can divide our assortment in four groups: Fine Fragrances Cosmetics Skin Care Hair Care Nowadays we are able source most of the Skin Care lines our customers require.


We strong in supply side, Duty free Groups and department store, we strive to bring 100% authentic and hot selling products to all sorts of clients at large range of brands that we trust. We are specialized in sourcing goods using our worldwide network. Through our network we have the possibility to fulfil almost any requirement on a high service level. From the beginning in the early 90’s till now we have grown to become a worthy and well respected player in the field of luxury consumer goods. We owe our success to always be loyal to our suppliers and customers and believe that a well-supported communication protocol and profitability for both parties are essential to create and maintain a fruitful long term business relationship


Hong Kong Port and Airport is well placed to handle sea and air shipments efficiently. We have our own warehouse and the logistics is very efficient with extra care on the packing safety of the cargo. We feel proud to state that all our customers are satisfied with our shipment.